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21149 Newport Coast Dr., 
Newport Coast, CA 92657
+1 (949) 706-1711
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Dr. Allameh believes the best restorative option for missing dentition (teeth) are dental implants. Implant is a device specially designed to be placed surgically within or on the mandibular (lower jaw) or maxillary (upper jaw) bone as a means of providing for dental replacement. Once a qualified, board certified surgeon carefully selected by Dr. Allameh treats the site(s) with implant(s), Dr. Allameh will then precisely plan the area(s) to be restored with a crown, bridge or denture. At Ocean Hills Dentistry, Dr. Allameh commits himself in selecting the best materials and laboratories in order to be able to deliver the highest quality of restorations that look as natural and vital as possible while restoring the form and function of the dentition.

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